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Cheltenham cabbie starts petition against local council forcing wheelchair accessible vehicles on dr

Cheltenham Borough Council are imposing strict new rules and regulations on taxi drivers in Cheltenham that many believe will affect taxi users in town. 

Under their new policies all taxis within the town will have to be wheelchair accessible by 2021. 

A petition has been created by local taxi driver David Chambers to challenge the council’s decision.  

Mr Chambers said “This will mean that there will be potentially over 250 wheelchair accessible vehicles. There will be no more freedom of choice for the public.

“This new ruling also discriminates against the elderly and mobility impaired who cannot access these vehicles.”

Cheltenham Borough Council will also be looking to “restrict” the hours worked by cabbies according to Mr Chambers. Taxi drivers are said to be concerned that during peak times, which include high profile meetings at Cheltenham horse racing course, the drivers will no longer be able to meet the needs of the public.

Chambers went on to say “The council are acting with both discrimination to the public and vindictively towards the taxi drivers.”

Taxi drivers from Cheltenham are asking the wider trade community to help stop these new policies being implied.

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