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Taxi underwriter Alpha Insurance declared bankrupt leaves drivers stranded

Cab drivers across the UK are calling round insurers after Danish insurance company Alpha went bankrupt late last night, invalidating their current policies. Alpha, who underwrote taxi drivers insurance through companies like Protector and Cover My Cab, filed for bankruptcy yesterday, immediately ending all existing policies. Cab drivers received text messages and emails saying that their insurance had been cancelled and to look for alternative insurance as soon as possible.

The news left drivers in a state of limbo with information hard to find and many drivers working in the taxis as the news broke. Hundreds of cabbies visited Protectors offices in London today as they demanded answers.

The LTDA’s general secretary Steve McNamara said: "We have notified all of our members about this change, to ensure that no-one is unintentionally driving without insurance. We will be supporting any of our members that may have been affected."

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