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Controversial Uber app supports domestic and sexual abuse campaign “UK Says No More Week”

The controversial ride-hail service Uber are to support a campaign against domestic abuse and sexual violence as it ramps up the PR campaign ahead of its battle to win back their London licence.

Uber have come under much scrutiny themselves both at home in the UK and across the world. This month alone has seen former employee Ingrid Avendano make claims of sexual harassment and racial discrimination in the work place and Uber driver Muhammad Durrani was sentenced to twelve years for sexually assaulting his passenger. 

The much maligned minicab service also lost its London operators licence in September 2017 due to concerns to passenger safety and not being “fit and proper”. The appeal start next month 25th June and it is expected that Uber will run several PR campaigns in a bid to win over public confidence. 

Uber are hoping to raise awareness of domestic abuse that affected an estimated 1.9 million adults and plus a further 648,000 were victims of sexual assault in England and Wales. 

Working with Hestia and UK Says No More, Uber have also produced a short video providing information about domestic abuse and sexual violence. The video contains advice about how people can support potential victims and gives information on ensuring that everyone who uses Uber feels safe and comfortable throughout a journey. A spokesperson from Uber said: “This is part of our global commitment to use Uber’s scope and visibility to drive awareness, education, and prevention of sexual assault and domestic violence. In time, we hope to play our role in eradicating incidents across all sections of society.” 

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