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Uber choose European city Paris as their home for Flying Taxi project

Uber Technologies Inc announced on Thursday that they will be building a new advanced research centre in Paris focusing solely on their flying taxi "Uber Elevate" project. According to a report in Business Insider , the tech giants will be pumping £17.5million over the next five years into developing new tech for their ambitious attempts of creating a fleet of flying taxi's. London, and particularly it's Mayor Sadiq Khan were pushed to pitch for Uber to choose its city as it's location, but up to now City Hall has kept its cards close to its chest. Dallas and Los Angeles are two cities which have been chosen to potentially launch UberAir, but a third international city is yet to be confirmed. A number of European cities may be preparing bids for the chance of having demonstration flights as early as 2020. Maybe Sadiq Khan and his team are waiting for the outcome of Uber's appeal against Transport For London's refusal to issue a new operators licence before they come forward with any bid. Uber's appeal starts next month.  

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