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Manchester cabbie branded fundamentally dishonest

A cab driver who was awarded £4397 in compensation after a whiplash claim has been stripped of his award.

Morajuddin Molodi was told he was "fundamentally dishonest" by justice Martin Spencer.

Mr Molodi was awarded compensation in 2016 after a trial at county court after being involved in a collision with a van in 2015.

The van owners, Cambridge Vibration Maintenance Service and their insurers Aviva, appealed against the award and the claim was subsequently thrown out due to inconsistencies surrounding the claim. 

Mr Molodi had claimed that he had been involved in one previous accident, when the real figure was seven, he also claimed £1300 in vehicle damage repairs when the true figure was £400. Finally it was believed that Mr Molodi had undergone physiotherapy so as to satisfy his claim as opposed to genuine need.

As a result, the claim was struck out with Mr Molodi branded "fundamentally dishonest."

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