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Inverness council approve scrapping city centre ranks

Fury has erupted after local councillors in Inverness took the decision to approve a scheme which would see the scrapping of city centre taxi ranks.

Local councillors have approved the removal of the Castle Wynd rank and the rank on the east side of Bridge Street.

The rank situated on the west side of Bridge Street will become the only rank left in the city centre. This rank accommodates just four taxis. The council have said that cabbies can use the loading bay situates behind the rank at night.

A proposal to use the far end of the High Street at Eastgate as a night rank was rejected by the council.

More than 3500 people signed a petition urging the council not to remove the Catle Wynd rank.

In accordance with Scottish Government legislation, Inverness having 400 licensed taxis, should have rank space for one third of those taxis., around 130 rank spaces. 

Council officials are attempting to find a solution to the issue of a night time ranking.

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