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Banstead resident claims London cabbies are 'misusing' taxi rank to do their shopping at Wai

A taxi rank is being ‘misused’ by London taxi drivers outside the Banstead Waitrose, claims an irate resident.

The claim was made as a public question demanding better enforcement on the two cab taxi rank to deter London cabbies from doing their shopping there.

Local resident Iain Gordon submitted the question to Surrey County Council and Reigate and Banstead Local Committee adding that local borough taxis rarely used the rank and that the space should change to accommodate disabled users in a bid to regain control. Mr Gordon’s question said: “The ‘rank’ is regularly misused by London taxi drivers for parking, whilst doing their own private shopping.

“Very rarely is there a Reigate and Banstead taxi there and even then it is unoccupied and not plying for hire.” He went on to say that the misuse of the rank by London’s cabbies was ‘unenforceable’ adding: “In view of all this it may well be an asset to the community if the ‘unenforceable rank’ were to be designated for ‘disabled parking’.”

Local taxi associations have stated they wish the space to remain a taxi rank, whilst Reigate and Banstead councillors have admitted the rank could be better enforced.

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