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LTDA branch elections suspended following claims of “threats and intimidation”

The Licensed Taxi Drivers Association branch elections have been suspended following claims of “threats and intimidation”.

The Central Branch election was due to take place on Wednesday 27th June however the two main candidates electioneering on social media have been embroiled in claims and counter claims of “threats and intimidation”.

The LTDA have shown concern over a small number of members who see the elections as a “significant event”, so much so ,talk about the trade is usually diverted away from trade matters and instead focuses heavily on membership rules and internal politics.

Richard Massett, LTDA Chairman, added in an email to members:

“We have even received various reports that people who are not even LTDA members and some of whom are involved with other organisations and groups, have somehow become involved in this unpleasant behaviour with the result that genuine members now feel intimidated and unable to attend. In short it has got totally out of hand and it would appear that some outside vested interests have tried to influence the vote. “I have a duty to ensure that all members feel comfortable and safe in attending any and all LTDA meetings and in the current climate I cannot guarantee this. As a result, the Council of Management has decided to temporarily suspend the Central Branch until we can investigate exactly what has gone on, speak to the candidates, and gather evidence from social media and elsewhere to find a resolution to the problem.

“We must ensure that in all LTDA elections candidates must be able to campaign freely.

“All people that vote must be able to do so confident in the fact that they will be able to do so without intimidation and free from any kind of threats or reprisals.”

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