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New policies since Uber London licence rejection shouldn’t be considered says Pidgeon

New policies since Uber’s London licence rejection in September 2017 shouldn’t be considered in the forthcoming appeal says London Assemby member Caroline Pidgeon.

The chair of the London Assembly Transport Committee went on to say she expects “a full examination of whether Uber were a fit and proper operator” in the court appeal starting next week as Uber look to win back its London operators licence.

Caroline Pidgeon told TaxiPoint: “What I expect from the appeal hearing is quite simple – a full examination of whether Uber were a fit and proper operator to have their licence renewed at the time that TfL made their decision last September.

“TfL decision was based on extensive evidence about the record of Uber and it is vital that this information is fully examined.“ “What I do not believe is relevant is statements made and new policies adopted by Uber since last September as the only relevant issue of the appeal hearing is the facts and evidence that existed at the time of the initial decision.” 

Recently, Ms Pidgeon has also warned Mayor Sadiq Khan of the dangers posed by Uber drivers using mobile phones to accept jobs while at the wheel. She highlighted the fact that the Uber app effectively forces drivers to interact with their phone while driving.

The Assembly Member urged the mayor to speak to the Met Police about issuing similar guidance in London. 

The London Assembly transport leader told LTDA’s TAXI: “It is against the law to use your phone whilst driving, yet many apps expect drivers to interact whilst driving, which puts all road users at risk.”

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