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GMB welcomes APPG report demanding gig economy companies cough up tax

GMB Union has welcomed an All Party Parliamentary Group report exposing how gig economy employers currently avoid paying their fair share of tax.

The APPG demands the government rigorously enforces the law to prevent bogus self-employment, takes international action to tax gig economy earnings in the UK and demands HMRC imposes the law across all companies regardless of how big they are. GMB is at the forefront of a long running battle against bogus self employment in the so called gig economy. GMB has won workers' rights cases against against Uber, Addison Lee and - most recently - Hermes.

GMB has also announced legal action against three Amazon delivery companies over workers status on the charge of bogus self employment. Tim Roache, GMB General Secretary, said: “This report shows that not only is insecure work bad for workers, it’s daylight robbery of our tax system - companies like Uber are responsible for hundreds of millions of lost taxes that could be spent on hospitals, schools, roads, our care system, local government. “GMB has been taking the fight to exploitative gig economy employers in the workplace and in the courts, and we’re winning. “Questions have to be asked about why HMRC is not pursuing missing taxes with the same vigour, while the rest of us are told austerity has to continue.”

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