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Hatfield & Welwyn Garden City cabbies strike as out of town minicabs undercut local services

Cab drivers went on strike yesterday in Hatfield & Welwyn Garden City in protesting against local private hire firms using out of area cabs to undercut their local services. Drivers taking part in the protest want the law changed to stop cross-border hirings. Unite the union said via Facebook that they should “Cap private hire numbers, and private hire bookings should start or finish in the area they are licensed for.”

The protest was also used to highlight other key issues in the area. The Welwyn Hatfield Drivers Union (WHDU) point towards the unfair dismissal of Mr Baber and also changes to the metered pricing structure as reason to express their concerns.

The WHDU said: “We did not want to take this route, but have been forced to do so due to the lack of cooperation by the management and the arrogance of Kenny Lang in particular.

“We want a friendly working environment and believe we are far from it. Until our demands are met we will be doing continuous strikes on different dates.”

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