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Masked thugs call minicab operator to tell them they are battering one of their drivers during horri

(Image: Facebook - A1 Taxis Mablethorpe)

A private hire driver from Lincolnshire has been hospitalised after a brutal beating at the hands of three masked thugs. Adam Scandell, 35, who works for A1 Taxis, was brutally attacked when three people wearing black hoodies and masks smashed the window of the vehicle, possibly with a bat of some kind, then repeatedly whacked the same object around Scandell's head causing cuts, bruises and swelling. The three attackers then ran off leaving Scandell in agony. The attack took place at Mablethorpe Caravan Park at around 11:45pm on Monday July 2. It comes after a string of unprovoked attacks which has left local residents worried for their safety. During the attack, the three masked thugs used Scandell's communication equipment to radio through to his controller shouting; "We have got your taxi driver and we are kicking the s**t out of him". Local residents have said they could hear the victim screaming for help during the mindless assault. According to a report in the Lincolnshire Live , A1 Taxi office has had a number of incidents over the last two years which have costs them thousands of pounds. Teenage thugs between the ages of 14 and 17 seem to be at the root of the violence. Residents say that when the police do catch any of the offenders they are simply let off with a caution and then continue terrorising the locals. Mr Scandell's car was left with his blood splattered all over the interior. The windscreen and side windows were all smashed in. Mr Scandell is now unsure of whether he will be able to continue working as a driver in town. Police are appealing for anyone who witnessed the incident or know of the three attackers, to contact them.

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