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City Hall set to meet London taxi drivers to discuss the future of the world renowned London Knowled

UK Independence Party and London Assembly member David Kurten is to host an event to promote The Knowledge of London following concerns of a decline in applicants. The event will take place at 4pm on 16th July at City Hall and is likely to be heavily attended by taxi trade stakeholders and drivers. The discussion panel includes well known trade figures like Dean Warrington from Wizann Knowledge School, Frances Wyhowska of The Taxi Charity and Mike Newell representing the London Cab Drivers Club. David Kurten has been a highly outspoken and strong supporter of the licensed London taxi industry posing many questions to Mayor Sadiq Khan in regards to the future of the industry.

According to Transport for London figures driver numbers in the capital are steadily decreasing in what is largely perceived as an unsteady market by those outside of the industry given the rise of rise-hailing apps like Uber.

Statistics show an overall decrease from 23,984 drivers in January 2018 to 23,824 by the end of March 2018; a decline of 160 cabbies in a three month period.

Cabbies will talk of new ways to promote the world’s toughest taxi test and inject confidence in an industry that has changed dramatically as technology advances.

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