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Latest Taxi protest takes place in Wolverhampton against the amount of private hire licences being i

Wolverhampton taxi drivers have staged a Go-Slow protest today against the City Council who they accuse of jeopardising their future and public safety by granting thousands of new private hire licenses. A similar protest took place just a few weeks ago as reported in Taxipoint, when hundreds of taxi drivers from Coventry descended on Wolverhampton city central to express their concerns over the amount of drivers licensed in Wolves are traveling into Coventry to pick up fares. The over influx of drivers comes as many want-to-be minicab drivers flock to join ride-hailing platform Uber. The West Midlands Private Hire Drivers Association is behind today's protest according to sources at the Express and Star.

The WMPHDA said in a statement on their website: "The protest is about helping and supporting taxi drivers far and wide toward protecting public safety and driver livelihood" Wolverhampton Council dismissed the last demonstration from taxi drivers in Coventry by pointing the finger at those in Westminster but drivers feel that it's the local council who should be held accountable for the endless amounts of licences being granted.

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