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Electric taxi conversions could provide drivers with another option

The electric taxi revolution is starting to take hold across the UK as city authorities look to cut rising emission levels and bring public transport into the modern era.

Until now, there has been one option available to taxi drivers and that’s to buy the new LEVC TX taxi. The TX offers a range of cutting edge technology alongside the EV technology local licensing authorities are seeking. However, there could be another option entering the market. Converting your current TX4 or Vito into an electric taxi. Sirius Automotive, a specialist in electric car conversions for over 20 years, have confirmed the technology and capacity to convert current vehicles does exist.

However, whilst the answer is positive, the change over remains costly as an initial outlay to the driver. 

To convert the iconic LTI TX4 the cost is thought to be in the region of £39,000 depended upon driver needs and requirements. The long to mid term aim is to provide the conversions for under £30,000.

The main expense of the conversion is said to be the battery pack itself currently weighing in at a hefty £25,000. 

The conversation would likely take eight weeks making the vehicle 100% electric and completely emmison free. Each full charge is said to achieve around a 130 mile range.

Currently there are no government or local authority funding options available on electric conversions, something companies like Sirius Automotive would like to see change.

John Garbett, Business Operations and Commercial Director of Sirius Automotive said: “The subsidy only applies when drivers get rid of their taxi and buy a new electric one. I am trying to find out why there is not anything to drivers to convert their existing vehicle to pure electric.

“Existing vehicle conversions would help the Government achieve climate change and clean air policy targets more quickly than waiting for drivers to spend around £60k on a new electric cab.” 

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