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Uber pass ten billion bumpy worldwide rides milestone

Controversial ride-hailing app Uber have completed 10 billion worldwide trips despite a bumpy ride along the way. On Sunday, June 10, 173 trips and deliveries started simultaneously at 10:12pm, giving the global minicab firm over 10 billion completed trips. These trips happened in more than 21 countries across five continents, in cities like Montreal, Mexico City and Miami. Latin America took the top spot for most simultaneous trips on a continent according to Uber.  Since Uber’s beginning back in 2010 there has been a host of challenges ranging from allegations of toxic internal working culture, “greyballing” of regulators and covered up data hacks. Currently, in the UK alone, issues surrounding workers rights, VAT tax payments and the impending £1.25bn taxi driver class action for loss of earnings means that Uber still has sizeable future challenges to become a globally and locally profitable company.

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