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New York Uber driver who was driving with a suspended licence mounts pavement crushing two pedestria

An Uber driver who reportedly was driving while holding a suspended licence lost control of his vehicle and mounted the pavement in New York City injuring at least 4 people. The incident happened on Monday 30 at around 3:30pm. Eye witnesses said they saw blood and gasoline spill all over the floor. According to a report in NBC New York, the Uber driver was arrested at the scene and later claimed he was distracted by his passenger who he says was being sick. Uber driver Amir Saleemi, 43, is said to of swerved his vehicle losing control, sending his SUV onto the pavement and into a T-Mobile store and a restaurant. Two pedestrians were crushed by the vehicles crumbled metal. Saleemi and his passenger were also injured. News 4 confirmed that Uber are assisting with the police in their investigations.

Further details are yet to be released.

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