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Pregnant junkie jailed for threatening to knife cabbie

A pregnant drug addict has been jailed for 19 months for threatening to stab a taxi driver after she had absconded from a hospital whilst in custody for another offence.

Emma Taylor, 30, and from Lightwood was being treated at Stoke University Hospital, where she escaped from custody, before getting into a taxi and asking the driver to go to Fenton.

Taylor, a mother of two, then entered a property, however when she refused to leave the property and pay the cab fare, the driver then threatened to call the police.

Managing to disuade the cabbie from calling the police, Taylor then asked the him to take her to her parents home in Lightwood, where she said that she would pay him, however en-route she tried to leave the cab as it was moving.

The driver stopped her from jumping out as the vehicle was moving, Taylor then produced a knife and threatened to stab the cabbie, before leaving the vehicle.

The Stoke Sentinal reported that Judge Paul Glenn, gave five months pregnant, Taylor a 19 month sentence after she pleaded guilty to escape, threatening another with a knife and making off without payment.

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