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Uber driver found guilty of raping unconscious passenger and faces 20 years in jail

An Uber driver has been found guilty of raping a female passenger who had passed out in the back of his vehicle. A surveillance video showed Westagne Pierre, 30, carrying his victim from the back of his vehicle into a Maryland motel. The victim woke later confused and days, calling the police to come to the motel. The victim, clearly shaken and in distress, told officers that she had no idea how she woke up in the motel. A three-day trial this week found Pierre guilty of second degree rape of his victim which took place in October 2016. He now faces up to 20 years in prison for his crime. According to a report in the Washington post , the 32-year-old victim was placed into the back of Pierre's Uber by an acquaintance after a night out enjoying a meal in downtown Washington. The journey was part of the UberPool option. Pierre went on to pick up two other women who, once seeing the unconscious woman in the back, decided not to take the ride. Both women testified in court to seeing the unconscious woman in the back of the Uber that Pierre was driving that night. The victims destination was Fairfax, but when they were just a few blocks away from her home Pierre terminated the trip on his Uber drivers app.

Pierre took his victim to a Budget Inn motel and rented a room. A surveillance camera filmed Pierre carrying his victims limp body into the motel where he sexually assaulted her. The assault took about 10 minutes before Pierre left the motel to purchase snacks from a local 7-Eleven with his victims credit card. He was then seen on camera returning to the motel. The following morning when the police were called, Pierre was removed from the Uber app and arrested. Pierre was not charged with first-degree rape because it was not clear if a weapon was used to commit the assault, but has been found guilty of second-degree rape and now faces 20 years in prison. Pierre is due to be sentenced on October 25.

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