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Wolverhampton private hire driver convicted of illegally plying for hire in Shrewsbury

A Wolverhampton private hire driver has been convicted of illegally plying for hire in Shrewsbury.

Mihai-Ionut Borodea from Telford, who was operating approximately 30 miles outside of his licensing area, was caught at Shrewbury Station.

He agreed to take a fare from the station to Broseley after passengers approached him whilst making himself available for hire last December.

As a result of illegally plying for hire, Borodea's insurance was invalidated, along with the conditions of his private hire license.

Wolverhampton council officers worked closely in conjunction with Shropshire council officers to facilitate the prosecution.

Borodea received a £320 fine, which included costs, as well as six points added to his license, his private hire license will now also face a review.

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