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15 year old attacker subjected minicab driver to terrifying ordeal with huge carving knife

A minicab driver from Leicester was left fearing for his life when a 15-year-old thug held a huge carving knife to his throat and threatened to kill him. The unnamed driver was forced out of his vehicle at knifepoint by the 15-year-old, who can't be named because of a court order, and his 17-year-old accomplice, Cole Henderson, in the early hours of Wednesday April 25. The attackers set a trap by ordering a cab to pick them up from New Parks, Leicester, where they lay in wait. The 15-year-old thug sat in the front seat and pulled out a huge knife, holding it towards the 50-year-old drivers neck. The whole incident was recorded on the drivers dash cam footage. The attacker could be heard shouting, swearing and threatening to kill the driver if he did not hand over his money and exit the vehicle. He also demanded the driver hand over his mobile phone. The driver managed to leave the vehicle without any physical injuries but was left shaken. Henderson then jumped in the passenger seat as the knife wielding attacker moved across to the drivers seat. They then made away with the vehicle. The vehicle was found a short while after. The victim, who has worked as a minicab driver for 20 years, has been left so traumatised he has become reluctant to carry on working as a driver to support his wife and daughter. He no longer will work at night and has tried gradually working a few hours during the day. Judge Ebraham Mooncey said:

"It's serious because of the nature of the threats and the presence of a very large knife which was thrust towards the face and neck of the driver. "Goodness me, what an effect it's had on this man's life ... we have seen the vigour with which the threats were made to kill him." Both attackers admitted robbing the cab driver. The 15-year-old admitted possessing a knife. The unnamed juvenile was sentenced to four years detention. Accomplice, Cole Henderson, received three years detention.

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