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London taxi meters set to start at £3 following tariff changes

Changes to the taxi fares and tariffs in London will see the capital’s taxi service start their meters at £3 come October 2018.

The increase from £2.60 has now been approved by regulators Transport for London and due to come into effect on Saturday 6 October 2018.

Passengers making a mess of the taxi will also see an increase of £20 as the soiling charge rises from £40 to £60.

Other changes approved include:

  • Increasing Tariff 1 by 0.6 per cent

  • Increasing Tariff 2 by 0.6 per cent

  • Extending the fuel charge arrangements until the next taxi fares and tariffs update

  • Increasing by 50 pence the fixed fares for shared taxis from Euston Station (with the exception of the Euston Station to Lords Cricket Ground fare)

The following were also approved: The regulator announced a freezing of Tariff 3 and the rate for journeys over six miles (sometimes referred to as Tariff 4).

Ongoing work and research is being conducted to look at fixed and capped fare schemes to and from Heathrow Airport.

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