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Taxi driver brutally attacked by soldier in Ipswich

Sapper Tyrone Jackson, 20, attacked taxi driver Kevin Fugelsang, after a night out drinking in Ipswich. Fugelsang, who is in his sixties, was approached by Jackson who knocked on his window and mumbled something before sticking his finger up at him. The court heard that Fugelsang closed his window in an attempt to avoid any further conflict but Jackson began banging on the roof of his vehicle. Fugelsang stepped out of his taxi to confront Jackson, this is when he attacked, punching Mr Fugelsang in the face. Fugelsang fell to the floor and was immediately mounted by Jackson who continued punching him. Fugelsang managed to contain the attack, but when he let Jackson free, he was attacked again. Fugelsang suffered cuts to his face and Jaw, and also damage to his eye. CCTV footage showed Jackson not only punching his victim, but also kicking him while he lay on the floor. 

(Ipswich Crown Court)

Jackson, who has previous convictions for battery and two for threatening behaviour, was sentenced to 16 months in jail by Judge John Devaux who said the offence was aggravated by his previous behaviour. Acting for Jackson, Daniel Taylor said his client was ashamed of his own behaviour and had sought help for his issues which stem from having a difficult childhood. According to the Ipswich Star, Taylor urged the court to give Jackson one last chance and pass a suspended sentence, stating he'd recently been on a pre-para training programme and had a promising career ahead of him if he was to avoid an immediate prison sentence. Judge Devaux decided a stint in prison for Jackson was the appropriate punishment for his continuous behaviour. 

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