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Private Hire driver jailed for the horrific sexual assault of two young women

Private hire driver Felix Chan, 35, has been jailed for seven years for sexual assault. Chan, who worked for PHV firm Delta in Liverpool, targeted young female passengers as his victims. The married dad-of-two even took pictures of one of his victims and a sickening video of her laying naked. Chan's first victim was a 19-year-old student who was sick in his vehicle. After demanding £70 as a soiling fee, he followed his victim into her shared accommodation and forced his hand up her skirt. The victim alerted the police but Chan claimed that his hand may of gone up her skirt when he tried to stop her from falling. Chan was not charged by the police on this occasion. The court heard that Chan wasn't charged until a second incident was brought to light this year when Chan targeted a 20-year-old woman who was said to be heavily intoxicated. Chan's second victim entered his private hire vehicle after a night out in Liverpool, and asked him to take her to a location. The victim, who was in contact with some friends on WhatsApp at the time, sent them messages telling them that Chan had started touching her and didn't know what to do. Chan demanded cash from his victim and told her because she couldn't pay he had to continue touching her.

The court heard one of the victims friends phoned her worried but Chan took the phone and said she shouldn't worry because he was going to take care of her. The victim passed out which is when Chan sexually assaulted her. Prosecutor Deborah Gould said: "That was the opportunity he took to sexually assault her and take footage of her on his mobile phone" The 20-year-old victim woke up during the assault but was so afraid that she pretended to still be asleep. When Chan spoke to her she didn't respond. The court heard that she laid still crying silently with tears rolling down her face. After the attack, Chan drove his victim home, but not before stopping one more time to sexually assault her again while filming. The woman's neighbours found her later that night distraught and called the police. Chan was identified by CCTV footage and arrested at his home, where the police found his mobile phone with the footage on. Chan admitted three counts of sexual assault and one of assault by penetration. Sentencing Chan, Judge Steven Everett said:  

"It looks as if to me there isn't much respect for women generally, certainly none for his wife. 

"It seems he didn't regard it as unusual to go on these jaunts with other men, where there was sexual contact with other women. "I find that very depressing and very unpleasant. 

 "Two people have had their lives totally turned upside down by your disgusting behaviour." He jailed Chan for seven years and told him to sign on the Sex Offenders Register for life. 

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