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Rebranding brings same values, but different name for the London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children

The London Taxi Drivers’ Fund for Underprivileged Children have announced a change of name and a brand make-over as it celebrates it’s 90th year. As of Monday 3 September 2018, the charity will be known as the London Taxi Drivers’ Charity for Children (LTCFC). A spokesperson from the charity said “It was felt that our identity needed to be updated to be more reflective of the taxi charity and the work that we do to help sick children.” Domenic Lippa, Partner at Pentagram, the world’s largest independently-owned design studio, kindly offered to rebrand the charity. The aim was to create a flexible brand that would be more responsive, accommodate the digital marketing world and enable the group to engage with a broader audience.

In a statement from the LTCFC committee the charity added: “In this enlightened society, we do not believe children should be labelled so the word ‘underprivileged’ will cease to be part of the name of our charity. The new name is neutral and modern and along with our new, fun, eye-catching logo, will allow us to reach out to a wider audience. “We have been very fortunate to have Pentagram work on this rebrand project for us and we are incredibly grateful for their support. “Together with our associates, we are very optimistic that the new branding will bring a more contemporary, neutral and friendly feel to our identity.”

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