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Cabbies fear that Lisson Grove muggers could kill

As the Lisson Grove muggers attack taxi drivers in the area with impunity, some cabbies have expressed fears that somebody will be killed.

A report in the Ham and High has highlighted that attacks seem to be increasing.

Some of the attacks have iincluded the muggers trying to force drivers to stop in the middle of the road, as well as hailing a taxi and then convincing the driver that a disabled person needs assistance, before jumping into the front of the taxi and robbing the driver. 

In what has become an even more serious turn of events, the muggers are now resorting to attacking drivers with fire extinguishers before robbing them.

Concerns have been raised at the lack of  police presence and their failure to deal with the criminal activity in the area, the Metropolitan Police Commisioner, Cressida Dick, has come in for criticism from the LTDAs Steve McNamara, who also stated that boots on the ground are needed to deal with the situation.

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