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Minicab drivers deliver coffin to London Mayor in protest to driver exploitation

Minicab drivers staged a protest at London City Hall on Thursday to highlight Transport for London's inaction on driver exploitation, increased costs and assaults on drivers.

The funeral protest involved workers from UPHD holding a vigil outside City Hall before delivering a coffin to Sadiq Khan, the Mayor of London. Minicab drivers, who are already suffering from poverty wages, protested about increased charges by TfL that would cause them further financial strain. The plan by the the Mayor to impose a daily congestion charge on minicab drivers, was already rejected last week by the London Assembly and dismissed by Assembly Member Len Duvall dismissing as ‘discriminatory’. The protest continues UPHD's campaign to end TfL's discrimination against private hire drivers. Uber were exposed as using "sweated labour" in a report by Frank Field MP, yet the Mayor has failed to address working conditions. Muhumed Ali, UPHD London Organiser said: “Instead of addressing the scandal of sweatshop conditions in the minicab trade, TfL are adding to the misery by punishing drivers with a congestion charge. Their failure to act amounts to institutional racism. The Mayor should follow New York’s lead by capping licensing and protecting workers from exploitation.”

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