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Police seize illegal minicab which turned up at the scene of a accident

Police in West Yorkshire attending a road traffic collision got more than they bargained for after seizing the minicab that arrived to take the crash victims away.

The bizarre event unfolded in Bradford on Friday when the victims of a crash booked a minicab to take them home. When the vehicle arrived police run a check on the Skoda Octavia displaying Uber signage and discovered that the car had been registered as SORN.

A vehicle declared SORN means the car was not registered for use on the road and illegal to drive.

The West Yorkshire Roads Policing Unit said via Twitter: “Taxi arrives to pick up following a RTC, unfortunately taxi is showing as SORN. New booking required”

On the same Twitter thread ride-hailing firm Uber say: “Here to assist!”

It has not been confirmed whether the vehicle was working for Uber.

(Image: @WYP_RPU)

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