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Astonishing road rage incident sees Minicab driver run over a biker’s motorcycle

A motorcyclist's helmet camera recorded the dramatic moment a private hire driver ran over his bike during an astonishing road rage incident. 

The biker approaches the open window of a Citroen Berlingo operated by Liverpool-based private hire firm Delta Taxis, and begins to shout abuse at the driver. The driver was accused of pulling out on him at a roundabout moments before the biker could be heard calling him a “f**king k**b” and threatening to “break your skull”. He then appeared to kick the side of the taxi and punch its door mirror, leaving it folded in, before starting to walk back to his bike. Merseyside Police confirmed it had spoken to both parties, saying that no formal complaints had been made and that insurance was dealing with the aftermath. Have your say; who's side are you on...

Mr Motor-psycho or Smash Bandi-Cab? 

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