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Fares4Free sweeps into north-east Scotland

The founder of Scottish taxi charity Fares4Free, which helps veterans gain vital transport access, has now launched the service in the north-east of Scotland.

The popular charity works side by side local taxi firms to encourage drivers to donate free journeys for veterans in the community. Founder David Gibson started the charity in the central areas of Scotland after being told he could not give free fares to passengers by his insurance company. He now aims to roll out the service across Scotland to help those with access issues and Central Taxis based in Peterhead are the latest to join the scheme. David Gibson said: “Central Taxis have come forward and joined us as the newest and first north-east partner. “We’re happy to get someone on board from Peterhead – it’s making the connections much easier and it’s exciting to beg bridging the gaps between towns and hopefully we can get many more coming fogrward so we can link the whole country together.” According to Fares4Free website: “Many of the organisations we serve provide befriending services, grants and assistance to veterans. Unfortunately, there are occasions when the people providing assistance cannot travel in the same vehicle as the person they are there to help. Often a veteran cannot afford to travel to the organisation offering help and in too many cases, they are simply not able to face or cope with the challenges of public transport which would seem normal to most people. “We are a free transport service that assists multiple organisations and individuals with correctly insured vehicles operated by drivers with the highest standards of vetting. Sometimes the first step to beating loneliness and isolation, is a friendly face and a lift.” 

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