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London Uber driver live streamed himself beating his estranged wife and threatening to kill her with

A man has been jailed for 14 months for live streaming himself beating his wife and threatening to kill her with a kitchen knife.

Uber driver Rahman Ullah, 38, from Croydon, was using WhatsApp’s live video calling to send footage to relatives in Pakistan, of him beating his wife of 13 years with a shoe and then mimicking stabbing her with a knife whilst telling them he was going to kill her. 

Ullah’s wife, who he had recently split from, was left with two black eyes. The pair had been married for 13 years and had spent the past 12 months separated. The court heard that Ullah tricked his daughter into handing over the key to his estranged wife’s front door. He let himself in and began to film himself attacking her. Raja, 32, managed to escape the flat but only made it to the communal hallway before Ullah caught up with her, dragging her by the hair back into the flat. Ullah was filmed hitting her with the heel of his shoe ten to fifteen times. The court heard that Ullah then grabbed a knife from the kitchen and threatened to kill her. Raja said that she genuinely thought she was going to die. According to a report in the Daily Mail, Ullah initially told the police that his wife was the aggressor and that she had attacked him. He eventually pleaded guilty to assaulting her. The father-of-two was jailed for 14 months. Sentencing, recorder Tom Forster said: “You were engaged in a WhatsApp video call to Pakistan, informing them you were going to kill her. “Not content with your boorish behaviour, you pursued her to the communal hallway and by her hair, dragged her back into the flat. “She was understandably tearful and you tormented her with a knife, repeatedly making stabbing motions towards her and said you were going to kill her. “She got two very visible black eyes and obvious bruising to the sides of her face. You gave her a brutal beating.”  

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