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mytaxi pick ups cause for confusion at Oxford train station rank

Oxford taxi association announce new pick up procedures at Oxford station taxi rank following confusion caused by new booking app.

In late August ride-hailing app mytaxi launched in the city with roughly 100 licensed Oxford cabbies on the platform.

Mytaxi is for black cab drivers only and chose Oxford as their sixth city in the UK to launch in since it’s first introduction in London.

Despite mainly positive feedback from both drivers and the travelling public in the area, there has been concerns among cabbies that the app will cause confusion on the taxi rank at the station if drivers pulled off of the busy rank to collect passengers before reaching the front. Initially COLTA, Oxford’s taxi representatives, asked drivers to pull off the rank and “make arrangements with the passenger to pick them up out of sight of the rank.” However with more drivers joining the mytaxi platform new plans have now beendrawn up according to the Oxford Mail. Sajad Khan, secretary of COLTA said: “We have requested drivers to pull off the rank if they receive a mytaxi or a radio job (as many drivers are also on the traditional radio circuit) to make other drivers on the rank aware that the driver has received a job through mytaxi or the radio. “The driver may then pick up the job from a suitable and safe location without causing any obstructions to anyone and more importantly, without burdening any passengers.”  

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