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Hundreds of Uber drivers turn up to protest in London, Birmingham and Nottingham

Hundreds of drivers for ride-sharing giants Uber, have turned up to protest outside its Headquarters in central London today, as they push for better pay and workers rights. Drivers from the capital city have also been joined in today’s 24 hour strike by co-drivers in Birmingham and Nottingham.

Uber, who are no strangers to controversy has seen a number of demonstrations and court battles with its “partners” over recent months, with a mass log-out around the UK from delivery riders from its UberEats service. Yaseen Aslam, Uber driver and one of the lead claimants against the app for workers rights, posted on Twitter with a message that reads: “It’s getting BIGGER and BIGGER!! DO NOT CROSS THE PICKET LINE BY TURNING ON THE APP”

Another tweet from Ben Sellers reads: “Loud, colourful & noisy outside Uber HQ” The United Private Hire Drivers branch of the Independent Workers Union of Great Britain called a 24 hour strike of Uber drivers in London, Birmingham and Nottingham from 1pm on 9 October at Uber’s HQ in each of the cities. Drivers demands are as follow: An increase in fares to £2 per mile (currently £1.25). A 10% reduction in commissions paid by drivers to Uber (currently 25% for UberX) An end to unfair deactivations which are de facto dismissals.

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