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Cross Border Hiring; The law doesn't need changing, it needs enforcing

Cross border hiring can seem rather complicated to really understand fully, with some drivers not even completely aware of what acts are ‘legal’ and which ones are actually ‘illegal’. 

There has been much talk surrounding the private hire Industry and the way the new “ride-sharing” economy has shaken up the trade, with many phv drivers seemingly “roaming” across licensing authorities looking for work. 

There have been calls from many for laws to be introduced to deal with problems such as drivers obtaining licenses with one licensing authority but operating within another. 

In this video, explained in straight forward simple terms, you will see that no new laws are indeed needed, current laws just simply need to be enforced. 

One of the authors of the video, Lee Ward, told TaxiPoint:

”We decided to create this video because, we as a group, know that the regulation we have is sufficient enough to protect the livelihoods of drivers who are both licensed and work locally. 

“The Deregulation Act was nothing to do with cross border hiring, too many authorities used it as an excuse, instead of dealing with the issue in front of the”. 

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