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Ride-sharing passenger drinks driver's urine from complimentary bottle of water

China’s equivalent to ride-sharing giants Uber, Didi Chuxing, have been left red-faced after one of its passengers drunk urine from what was meant to be a complimentary bottle of free water that is offered to all riders. According to a report in the South China Morning Post, four passengers were on a trip in a Didi booked vehicle when one of them saw the bottle and confirmed with the driver that it was “ok” to drink.

The driver reportedly said it was fine and that the lid of the bottle was probably loose because the last passenger opened it. Once realising it was urine, the passenger confronted the driver, who denied it being his and begged him not to make a complaint because he may lose his job. The passenger said in a statement that the driver then became very agitated and kept saying sorry and “hitting himself.” The passenger later called the police and put in a complaint to the ride-sharing app, who confirmed the driver had been suspended from the service.  

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