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Cab driver left with burns to his arm after passenger set light to his shirt while driving

A cab driver from Stockton was left with injuries to his arm after one of his passengers used a lighter to burn him. 30 year veteran of the trade, Sean Rogan had picked up two men who asked him to take them to a location in Norton and then return them again. The men paid for the journey upfront so Mr Rogan set off on the journey. According to a report in TeessideLive, on route to the first location Rogan felt a burning sensation on his arm. It was then that he realised that his shirt had been set alight but one of the men. Rogan jumped from his vehicle but was followed immediately by the culprit who put his fist up ready to attack. Both the passengers were shouting for their money back. Rogan was able to fle the scene in his vehicle before any further arm was brought to him. The cab driver who was suffering from shock managed to get to hospital where he as treated for the burns to his arm. The police are now investigating the attack and are looking for both men. Rogan has said he will not get back in his cab until they are caught. A spokesperson for Cleveland Police said: “We received a report of an assault yesterday (October 10) morning at 8:45am. “It was reported that the backseat passenger of a taxi set the driver’s shirt alight using a lighter. “The driver is a 51-year-old male and suffered redness to the skin following the incident.” Inquires are ongoing to trace the man responsible, anyone with information is asked to contact Cleveland Police on 101 quoting event number 186580.

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