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Council to press government to help deal with the influx of TfL licenced Uber drivers that are flood

Bracknell Forest Council are said to be preparing to push government figures to deal with the age old issue of cross border hiring, after taxi licence holders in the borough stressed their concerns over the amount of private hire vehicles working for Uber that are picking up in areas where they are not licensed. “Under existing legislation, private hire vehicles are not restricted geographically, meaning they are not limited to working in the area they are licensed” a report by taxi drivers to the council said. Bracknell taxi drivers claim that a vast number of TfL licensed Uber drivers are now plying for trade in the borough, with figures rising.

Taxi drivers are feeling disgruntled with the fact that they pay a lot of money for their badges to work in Bracknell, whereas Uber do not have to pay a penny. According to the Bracknell News, the report says that the influx of Uber drivers has effected the earnings of taxi drivers who are struggling to earn a living. Bracknell Forest Council have said they will now meet with representatives to discuss what actions it could take to deal with the ongoing problem.

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