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Uber rival Ola launching in more UK cities

Indian-based ride-hailing app Ola are set to launch in Bristol as it seeks to challenge Uber Technologies Inc. across the UK market. Ola, who will also be operating in Bath and Exeter, currently complete around one billion rides a year around the world and are the only ride-hailing service in the UK that allows passengers to choose if they would like to order a private hire vehicle or a licensed metered taxi. Managing director of Ola UK Ben Legg has said that the firm is committed to safety, with the app screening all drivers and offers 24/7 voice support for passengers, along with in-app emergency features. According to a report in the Bristol Live, Ola is offering introductory commission rates for new drivers joining the platform, with a 10 percent charge for private hire drivers and a 5 percent charge for taxi drivers. 20 percent of Ola’s 1,300 drivers that signed up to their welsh platform are currently metered taxi drivers.

Ola currently operates in over 110 cities globally.

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