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Petition by Private Hire Drivers to allow them similar privileges to hackney carriage Taxi drivers k

A group of private hire drivers have lost in their attempt to gain access to bus lanes in the same way hackney carriage taxis do. A group representing the private hire drivers in Blackburn felt that gaining similar privileges as licensed taxi drivers would help boost the trade by cutting time spent in traffic jams. According to a report in the Lancashire Telegraph, the group also pushed for the council to create passenger pick-up and drop-off points specifically for private hire vehicles. The petition put forward to the council highlighted the “noticeable empty bus lanes” throughout the majority of the day and said that by allowing private hire vehicles access, it would give customers a better incentive to use them instead of using their own cars for journeys. Council bosses, who carefully considered the proposals, have knocked back the pleas, stating that as it is a Department for Transport scheme, rules clearly state that major changes cannot be made for up to 10 years.

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