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Uber offering monthly fare discount subscriptions for passengers in some cities

Uber customers will now have the opportunity to pay a monthly fee for discounted rates on Uber’s, UberPool and Uber Express Pool rides in select cities. Uber have said that customers can save up to 15% on each ride they take and offer protection against any unwanted sudden surge pricing. The new offer, which will cost $14.99 per month has been rolled out in five US cities, Austin, Orlando, Denver, Miami and Los Angeles - where the monthly fee is at a higher rate of $24.99. According to a report in The Verge, Uber have said their latest service, named Ride Pass, won’t be subject to any typical external events like weather, traffic, or surge pricing, eliminating any nasty unwanted increased fares. There is also no limit to the amount of trips a customer can take in any given month. Uber are following in the footsteps of its main rival stateside, Lyft, who earlier this month introduced its own monthly subscription plan which offers passengers the opportunity to purchase 30 rides for an all-in cost of $299. Uber drivers won’t find themselves any more out of pocket from the new plan, with Uber confirming that they will still be paid based on time and distance. Any discounted fares will indeed, once again, be subsidised by Uber. If the new service is successful, there’s no reason to believe it won’t be rolled out in many more cities and even across the globe including the UK. 

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