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“Heathrow don't care about lowering emissions” says cabbie as sky high charging price announced

Taxi drivers in London are angry at sky-high electric charging prices announced by Europe’s biggest airport Heathrow.

The airport have revealed the cost to charge an electric taxis at the feeder park rank will be a whopping 31p per KW. Currently it is possible to plug-in on street with competitors Polar for as little as 0.09p per KW. Dedicated Transport for London taxi chargers charge 22p per KW respectively. The price now makes Heathrow more expensive than the notoriously inflated motorway fuelling options. Cliff Mahoney, a London Taxi driver who has purchased the new LEVC TX electric taxi and works from Heathrow said “Heathrow don't care about lowering emissions” He went on to say “Having know the price for months it appears they have left the announcement to within days of the implementation. “This will make it not cost effective to charge these expensive Zero Emissions capable vehicles at the airport whilst going through the taxi feeder park. The general census of opinion is that drivers will not use the chargers at that price. This means that these iconic vehicles will be leaving the airport on range extender petrol engines rather than clean electric they were designed to use. “Heathrow say these prices are cost and set by the CAA however Gatwick Airport who seem committed to lowering their emissions offer drivers not only free charging but up to 4 hours free parking,” 

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