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California Uber driver arrested after attempted kidnapping

An Uber driver has been arrested in Santa Monica, California, accused of an attempted kidnapping.

35-year-old Kaled Elasyedsa Ali from Anaheim, had led police on a chase, which resulted in two people jumping from the Uber drivers vehicle.

It is believed that the driver had held the female passenger against her will, preventing her from leaving the vehicle.

Three other calls were made to the police alleging the similar incidents involving other passengers, it was also reported that the driver may have had a gun.

Police officers attempted to stop the car, which resulted in a chase. They eventually managed to force the driver to pull over and a male and a female were rescued from the vehicle, with the driver taken into custody.

The two passengers who leapt from the vehicle escaped with minor injuries.

The driver has been charged with kidnapping and evading arrest and is being held on bail of $100,000.

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