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Private Hire Drivers go on strike to demand a minimum fare cost of £5

Private hire drivers across Milton Keynes went on strike this morning to demand a rise in the minimum fare price. Dozens of drivers voiced their concerns over the current minimum fare price which is set at £3.20 by most private hire operators. Drivers are calling for it to be increased to £5, stating that their profits have dropped due to the increased cost of fuel, insurance, maintenance and council plating of their vehicle licensing. As reported in the MKCitizen, private hire rates in Milton Keynes are one of the lowest in the UK. Drivers went on strike for two hours between 7am and 9am, the morning rush hours. The group of PHV drivers are also calling for an end to fixed price village pickups and a fare increase for airport runs.m According to reports there is “meaningful dialogue” ongoing between drivers and operators to resolve the discontent. Are you a private hire or hackney carriage driver in the UK? What’s your minimum fare? In Milton Keynes the start rate for a licensed hackney carriage driver is £3.

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