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More than forty Taxi and Private Hire drivers arrested for driving under the influence of drugs in o

Merseyside Police have revealed that more than forty taxi and private hire drivers have been arrested for drug-driving since the turn of the year. The police are now warning all drivers that being caught driving under the influence of drugs could result in them losing their job, being imprisoned and even result in the loss of life. The seriousness of the crime was highlighted in the Liverpool Echo, with a spokesperson for the police telling them that drivers, especially taxi and private hire drivers, have a duty of care to the public to ensure their safety. The police have stated that the offence of driving while under the influence of drugs will not be taken lightly. The final decision on whether a driver should have their licence revoked lays with the licensing authority, it this case; the council. They have made it very clear that any driver arrested for committing such an offence, or is being investigated for such allegations, will generally have their licence revoked with immediate effect. Merseyside’s Roads Policing Unit recently reported one private hire driver who had only been a driver for three days and was found to be under the influence of cocaine.  

Another incident highlighted by the Unit was of a hackney carriage driver who was stopped and tested for drugs. He was arrested for providing a positive drugs test.  

Drivers caught drug-driving will face the same punishments as those caught driving under the influence of alcohol. This has been made clear by the police.  

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