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Cheltenham cabbies forced to change vehicle colour

A seemingly bizarre, and highly controversial, policy changed has been ratified by Cheltenham Council.

All  cabs in the borough will have to be Silver, and wheelchair accessible by December 2021.

It was reported in Gloucestershire Live that despite vigorous opposition to the policy from cab drivers as well as their representative organisations, the change was rubber-stamped on November 6th.

Drivers had argued that the changes required to bring their vehicles in line with the new initiative would be to costly to implement in just three years.

The proposed changes, which were first announced in March, prompted dozens of irate cabbies to take to the streets, outside of the council office, in protest at the plans.

It is believed that the policy may have wiped over £2.5 million off of the industry, with drivers stating that they would rather opt for a less polluting vehicle than convert their existing vehicle to a wheelchair accessible vehicle.

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