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Hundreds of cab drivers handed tickets and suspension notices for driving defective vehicles

Hundreds of cabs in Liverpool have been handed tickets and suspension notices for driving defective vehicles for work, it has been revealed. During a six-month operation set out to improve road safety within the industry, 586 tickets were issued, 192 of those were suspension notices, according to a report in the Liverpool Echo . Merseyside police and Liverpool Council also confirmed that 450 tickets were issued for leaving parked cabs unattended on designated taxi ranks. A previous operation that took place at the start of the year revealed that the figures for handing out similar notices were even higher at 768, so although there has been an improvement in safety standards, figures are still incredibly high. A recent report in Taxipoint, showed that 40 taxi and private hire drivers were arrested for driving while under the influence of drugs, highlighting the battle the authorities face to clean up the industry in the city. The latest figures mean that around 40% of cabs have been subject to defect notices or suspensions. Liverpool Council and Merseyside police have said they aim to ensure people using taxis and private hire cars in their area do so safely in the knowledge that the vehicle they travel in is safe, and the driver is responsible. They also stressed to all cab drivers that if they do not get their vehicles checked and any necessary repairs made, they run the risk of their vehicle being taken off the road. A similar operation in Derby also reported a number of taxi and private hire vehicles having defects and were also issued suspension notices.

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