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Uber increase peak time prices by over 15% in London

As of Thursday customers of the controversial ride-hailing firm Uber will have to fork out roughly an extra fifteen percent on peak weekend journeys in the capital.

The minicab operator who are currently in the London courts appealing issues surrounding workers rights is increasing the price of all journeys made on Thursday’s through to Sunday between 10pm and 6am by a jaw dropping 20p per mile.

The price per a mile will move from £1.25 up to £1.45, and also increase 5p per minute, from £0.15 to £0.20, for each journey. These fees will rise further if surge pricing is applied during peak and busy periods.

This price hike also follows the recent announcement of a further increase of 15p per mile due to start soon labelled as a “clean air fee”. This levy is said to help drivers make the move to electric vehicles.

The base rate will stay the same, at £2.50, and the minimum fare will remain at £5 respectively. The increase only applies to all fares taken in London’s Congestion Charge Zone.

According to The Evening Standard an Uber spokesperson said: “We’re making these changes to help provide a better experience, by attracting more drivers to some of our busiest areas. “We know people use Uber to book a safe trip home and we want to ensure we’re providing a reliable service, particularly on Thursday, Friday and Saturday nights, when more people want to travel.”

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