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BP Chargemaster invests £25 million in ultra fast charge points on fuel station forecourts

Taxi drivers could see rapid improvements to the electric charging network across the UK as fuel giants BP announce £25 million investment to bring EV charging to its service stations.

BP announced at a recent energy forum that they aim to start rolling out “ultra-fast” charge points to almost 1,300 service stations early next year. The diesel and petrol fuel providers own Chargemaster who are the UK’s biggest EV charging network and also manufacturers of the charging units widely used. David Martell, chief executive of the newly formed BP Chargemaster, said the company was investing £25m over the next 12 months and hinted that the ultra-fast chargers, which can charge a car in a matter of minutes, will be completed within three years. Service stations will also be looking to take advantage of the increased “dwell time” and retail opportunity presented. 

According to Fleet News Martell said: “Currently, people may typically take about five minutes in a petrol station; even with ultra-fast charging that is like to increase to 15-20 minutes. That’s an opportunity for retail development.”  

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