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Taxi drivers in Greece stage a 12 hour strike against ride-hailing apps that are still not conformin

Taxi drivers in Greece have staged a 12 hour strike as they demonstrate their frustrations over what the call “unfair competition” from ride-hailing apps like Uber. Regulators imposed stricter rules earlier this year on such apps, forcing them to apply for permits and use only licensed taxi drivers for their platform, but Greece’s nationwide union of taxi drivers, POEIATA, called the strike stating that many operators were still offering unlicensed services. Uber pulled out of Greece at the point of stricter regulations but other apps including “local app” Beat still operate.

It's not clear if Uber are one of the operators the taxi drivers are protesting against. Beat are currently taking action against the head of the taxi drivers union for alleged defamation. The demonstration by taxi drivers just highlights the ongoing battle traditional services are facing against the new wave of ride-sharing tech across the globe. According to a report in Reuters, taxi drivers will rally outside the court that the ongoing battle will Beat is taking place.

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