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Taxi driver takes man on a 4-minute ride on his bonnet following argument in Sunderland

A man was captured riding on the bonnet of a taxi after an alleged argument with the cabbie in Sunderland at the weekend.

The unconventional taxi ride was filmed by the man perched on the vehicle, known only as “Glen”, as he was taken around the streets of the north east city clinging on to the car for over four minutes. In the video he claims to have tried to help a stranger with a nose bleed after a night out, but the cabbie refused to take the injured man. Glen says he then stood in front of the cab when the cabbie pulled away, lifting Glen up on to the bonnet. The video posted on Facebook which had included subtitles of the journey which starts: "So I ask a taxi driver to take this lad with broken nose to hospital. “Now I never knew the lad personally, but the taxi would not take him. “So I stood (in front) of the taxi and he just pulled away with me on the front of his bonnet. “Next thing I know I’m getting driven (around) Sunderland on the front of a taxi bonnet surfing. “Thankfully the police stopped us and I did not press charges as we all do silly things.” The rather calm looking Glen says in the selfie video: “Excuse me, I’m like on a taxi. “The lad needed to go to hospital and all of a sudden he pulled away and I’m on the f*****g bonnet! “I think this is quite illegal, but I’m not sure.” During the taxi ride Glen can also be heard yelling: “I’ve come out for a drink and this is what’s happened – I’m going to f*****g Southwick on a bonnet.” “You might as well keep on going son, I’m nearly home!” It is unclear as to how the journey finished and whether police intervened, however a women heard off camera was heard saying “What are you doing?” Glen replied: “I’ve got it all on camera for you pet.” 

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